Lawsuit filed against Brennan's of Houston in sexual assault case

HOUSTON (FOX 26) — A multimillion dollar lawsuit has been filed against Brennan's of Houston restaurant after a female attorney says she was drugged at the restaurant's bar by a bartender identified as Sean Kerrigan. The lawsuit says the attorney was taken to another bar by Kerrigan and another Brennan's of Houston employee. The documents also say the female, who will not be identified, was taken to her home by the men where she says she was sexually assaulted on Oct. 19, 2015. There is also surveillance video in the case. 

Brennan's of Houston issued the following statement related to the case:

While we condemn what she states happened to her in the strongest terms, we strenuously dispute any allegation that Brennan’s or Mr. Brennan-Martin is somehow responsible for the actions of individuals off work and off premises. 

In 2017, Ms. Doe informed Brennan’s management via email that she would be pressing charges against one of the employees and asked Brennan’s to cooperate with the Houston Police Department and the Harris County District Attorney, both of which we did fully. 

In the same email correspondence, she thanked Mr. Brennan-Martin for his “swift action” and expressly stated that brennan’s was “not at fault.”

The plaintiff's attorney Tony Buzbee discusses the case with Isiah Carey.