Lawsuit accuses apartment complex owners of discrimination

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The woman fired from a manager position at this apartment complex says she’s devastated and asked that we not name her because she’s having trouble finding another job.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission she was terminated in March of 2012 by Advantage Property Management.

“She had been fired because of her national origin and because she was pregnant,” said E.E.O.C. senior trial attorney Rudy Sustaita.

The E.E.O.C. filed the lawsuit on behalf of the fired employee.

“We took it because the evidence was very strong presented itself as a strong violation,” Sustaita said.

Sustaita says even some supervisors with the management company were upset with comments made about changing the racial make-up of the apartment complex.

“One of the comments was the black and Hispanic tenants and or employees were riff raff and they wanted to remake the staffing to look more like Ken and Barbie,” Sustaita said.

Whatsmore when the fired apartment manager told her bosses she was pregnant the lawsuit states she was harassed about the time she would need to take off.

“The comment was along the lines of they know she’s going to take the maximum time because she’s Mexican and that’s what Mexicans do,” said Sustaita.

The lawsuit states Advantage Property Management wanted to change the racial demographic of the tenants and the staff.

We contacted the law firm representing Advantage Property Management for a response to the lawsuit but haven’t heard anything back.