Langham High School student creates virtual classroom for elementary students

Inspired by his younger brothers, about a month ago Grant Bohlmann decided how he could best help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“My brothers were kind getting bored. So, I was like, might as well reach out and try to get our own little classroom together,” Grant told FOX 26.

The Langham High School Junior loves math and science and wanted to share it with students who are stuck at home.

“Try and just keep them busy focused on something else so they're not just sitting around playing video games all day,” Grant said.

He created virtual classroom on Zoom for 3rd through 5th graders.

They meet every Wednesday.

His mom helped him get the word out on Facebook. The post got dozens of shares.

”Friends asked friends and, then, next thing you know we have people from Canada and people from California,” Grant notes.

Since then he's had up to 50 kids logging on for a STEM lesson from around the country.

He'll work on lesson plans based on resources he finds online.

“It is a little hard trying to make something that you know everybody gets and hopefully it's not too easy for the fifth graders and not too difficult for the third graders,” Grant explained.

He also uses the time to help build a sense of community and, hopefully, inspire more kids to pursue STEM-related studies and, eventually, careers.

”That would be the end goal to try to convince some people into doing computer science or anything STEM-related,” Grant concluded.

Grant says, one day, he hopes to become a mechanical or petroleum engineer.