Kingwood neighborhood creates way to teach about Jesus’ journey

Families are coming together from all over the Houston area in a unique way this Easter weekend. How? Well, instead of just reading about what Easter is all about one neighborhood in Kingwood has set up The Stations of the Cross so you and your family can experience Jesus’ journey. 

"Then raising up my knees so that my feet are flat against the wood, they hammer them fast too,” one man reads as he and his wife stand in front of the station representing where Jesus was crucified.

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It’s a display most are used to seeing in church but now there are no church services.  So some Kingwood residents have set up The Stations of The Cross on their front lawns.

"With us all being away from our friends, away from school we just wanted to do something special,” explains Annette Ebert and something special is happening indeed.

Moms, dads and their kiddos aren’t only driving by the 14 stations, some are also walking and even biking by.

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”It was just a great idea to come and do something different to be with nature, to be with God,” explains Emma Rocha who is visiting the exhibits by bicycle. 

Families from all over the area are in Kingwood singing, praying and learning.

“The stations of the cross represent Jesus’ walk to the cross and it goes through all the significant parts of it. Whether He’s being put into the grave or being crucified. This is a different way to see it and it makes it more real,” Ebert adds. 

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"I thought this was a good opportunity to show my kids what this day is all about and with the visuals it will help them remember what this means,” explains mother of four Lori Smith who’s driving by the display with her family.

The Sayegh family helped create station #12.

“It’s a reset button for all of us, to remember what really matters is family.  it’s not all this other stuff,” says Ann Marie Sayegh. 

“It’s kind of a bummer that we don’t get to hang out with our friends but we’re able to get closer to our families before we go off to college and that’s important to me,” adds her daughter Alexandria Sayegh. 

If you would like to visit this divine display here’s the list of the stops. It will be setup throughout Easter weekend.