Keep up with fitness while on vacation

Rest easy, there are multiple ways you can sneak in exercise without having to miss out on your vacation.

Vacation and working out don't usually go hand in hand, but you can now feel less guilty about those extra calories on your days off.


When traveling, one easy swap is to walk instead of taking a short cab ride where possible. You save money, get exercise, and can take in the sights of your destination.

Another way to burn some calories is to try a new outdoor activity like paddle boarding, kayaking, things that get you moving. 

Not having access to a gym or workout equipment while out of town is no longer an excuse! Use objects around you, or even just your own body weight, to tone up. Burpees and jump squats are great ways to get the heart rate up quickly. Adding the weight of your suitcase can be helpful to add resistance to certain exercises. Use the furniture in your hotel room to aid in your workout as well.

You don't have to sacrifice your fitness goals on vacation!