Katy's varsity quarterback under scrutiny after alleged racist remarks about opponent

Bronson McClelland, varsity quarterback at Katy High School, has been stripped of his captaincy and will sit out for the next two games, the Katy Times reports.

The athlete allegedly made some racist remarks on Snapchat directed at athletes on the opposing team, Tompkins High School.

On Friday, October 4, 2019, Katy ISD Administration and the Katy ISD Police Department were informed of the inappropriate behavior, language and video by a student on the Katy High School Varsity Football Team.

McClelland has since apologized on Twitter, receiving a mixed response from his followers and peers. 

A letter to parents from the district read: 

Dear Katy High School and Tompkins High School Parents, Students and Staff,

On the evening of Thursday, October 3, 2019 and following a varsity football game between Katy and Tompkins high schools, a KHS student-athlete posted a video of himself on social media in which he used racially charged language to taunt a student-athlete on the opposing team.

Campus administration, Katy ISD police and local law enforcement thoroughly investigated the video incident. The student responsible will face disciplinary consequences in accordance with the Katy ISD Discipline Management Student Code of Conduct and Athletic Code of Conduct. However, it is important to note there are other related incidents that continue to be under investigation that would lead to additional consequences for any student found to be involved.

This type of behavior and language is not in line with the values of our District, staff and community who work hard every day to instill exemplary character and behavior in all Katy ISD students. The District is committed to keeping students safe, both physically and emotionally. It is our highest priority.

As always, thank you for your continued patience and support as this matter is investigated and addressed.