Katy teenager tries unique approach to beat cancer

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Thursday, Noah Stacy was a no-show for his chemotherapy appointment. The 15-year-old boy from Katy, diagnosed terminally ill with cancer, is making a tough decision to suspend chemotherapy and try an alternative treatment.

"I have osteosarcoma cancer," Noah tells FOX 26, "Stage four cancer."

Noah is home with his family on hospice care. He is bedridden, and plays video games for activity, but even that tires him out.

"His cancer has metastasized everywhere," says his father, Jason Stacy says. "It's behind his eye. It's on the membrane around his brain."

Noah went through 5 chemotherapy treatments that he says have only made him feel worse. Thursday morning, even though his doctors at Texas Children's Hospital planned a lower chemo dose, Noah just said no.

"I want to take the natural approach," Noah says. "Eat just green vegetables. Everything green."

Noah and his parents, Jason and Amy, have met people who say they've overcome stage four cancer by supercharging their immune system. After a week of a new diet and some supplements, Noah has started to feel more energy. Food doesn't have to be green to be on the menu, but it does have to be high in nutrition.

"I've had oranges, strawberries, and lemons, with beets, ginger, and kale," Noah said, "and it tastes good."

According to his parents, even with chemotherapy, doctors say Noah's prognosis is grave. So, his parents say, what harm can it do to try a different treatment?

"Anytime we ask how much time we have with him, you can see the emotion in their eyes," his father says. "It just drops because they have had no success."

Noah says he was supposed to be taking a trip to Disneyland this weekend, courtesy of the Children's Miracle Network, but that he told them, not right now. He wants to spend his time and energy on a treatment he hopes might save his life. His parents back him 100%.

"It's very difficult to think I wont have my son in 6 months," Jason says.

Amy Stacy adds, "Even if he doesn't make it through this, I'd rather he have a good next 6 months being happy and energetic, instead of being dragged down by chemotherapy."

Noah hopes to be a survivor against all odds. He'd love to show his growing number of Facebook followers their prayers are being answered, and that chemo is not the only way.