Judge rules Prop B unconstitutional, firefighter union files appeal

A state district judge has ruled Proposition B unconstitutional, leaving thousands of pay raises for Houston firefighters up in the air.

Prop B is the voter approved measure that grants Houston firefighters the same pay as police of corresponding rank and seniority. Mayor Sylvester Turner argues the pay raises would cost the city $80 million a year and forced the layoffs of 200 firefighters, 67 cadets, and 47 municipal workers.

In a one-on-one interview with Fox 26's Jonathan Martin, he says now there will be no layoffs and no demotions.

"Now that Proposition B has been ruled unconstitutional by the court, then there is no reason to take those actions. No one wants to lay off anybody. And now we have to move forward, and look, I firmly believe firefighters are deserving of a pay raise," said Mayor Turner. "I’ve always said that. You have never heard me say firefighters are not deserving. What I’ve always said, is they are deserving of a pay raise that the city can afford."