Jeb Bush says U.S. needs no walls, no mass deportations

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Emerging from a GOP Presidential field where punishing and expelling immigrants has been a popular and repeated promise, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush delivered a much different vision, one tempered by his life experience and leadership of an enormously diverse state.

"There are important questions about protecting and securing the border, but we don't need to build a wall. We don't need to deport every person that's in this country. That would cost hundreds of billions of dollars. That's not a practical conservative plan," said Bush.

But a few minutes before during his speech to the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce local immigrant activists disruptively questioned the candidates sincerity with chants and signs reading "Who is the real Jeb Bush?"

As the demonstration petered out and protesters peacefully made their exit the son of America's 41st President continued his presentation calling for business friendly tax reform and the kind of educational innovation which reversed sinking achievement in his home state.

"There is a sense of purpose in people's lives. We need to do that in every state. We need to reject the idea that some kids can learn and some kids can't," said Bush.

Among those impressed, USHCC President Javier Palomarez.

"It was a message of broadening the tent and opening doors and allowing everyone to participate, Republican or not. I think we have three Hispanic candidates, one of them is named Bush," said Palomarez.