Investigators find a field full of stolen vehicles off East Orem Drive

Harris County deputies made a shocking discovery in a field off of East Orem Drive.

On Saturday, investigators say they found at least 50 stolen vehicles, stripped and abandoned. Police found those vehicles hiding down a dirt road off East Orem, and one by one, they’ve been pulled from the lot where they were dumped.

At around 4 a.m., a tip to DPS lead to the discovery of the vehicles, all stripped and all trucks with one Cadillac Escalade. Police say a large number of GMC Sierras and Chevy Silverados were found. After running VIN numbers, several came up stolen.

Meanwhile, word is spreading fast to those who have been searching for their missing vehicles.

Rodney Reed saw photos on Facebook and came from Atascocita looking for his truck that’s been missing since May. After problems with his insurance claim, he’s hoping there’s something to salvage.

"It’s been a struggle, been taking Ubers, got a little cash car," he said. "I’m hoping it’s one of the better ones."

Officers say most of the trucks were stripped beyond repair with front bumpers, grills, and hoods removed, and wheels and tires missing. Others also had the interiors stripped along with airbags.  

As VIN numbers are checked, more owners are showing up hoping for a match to their missing vehicles 

Officers say they are looking for leads in the case, but suspects may have had plenty of time to run the operation and get paid for the stolen parts. 

The trucks are being taken to ATC Storage on Almeda Genoa. Anyone looking for what may be left of their vehicle can contact them.