Investigation underway after child dropped off at doorstep

"You can look at his face. He's looking back. He's wondering where she's going. He was confused. She done that for the excitement."

The boy is named Royal Prince Simmons and his father, Willie Simmons, says he is livid, to put it mildly.

"If that were her child, she wouldn't have left it," says Willie. "She wouldn't have left it if it were her child. She didn't have any business leaving my son right there."

The story began on Wednesday night just after 8 p.m. The next door neighbors were watching the Houston Astros game when the doorbell rang. They have one of those Ring doorbells that captured video of the entire incident. They found the bewildered Royal on their doorstep but didn't know who he was. They took him in and called deputies who shared the video on social media platforms and everywhere they could.

"It was a gut punch," says Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Scott Spencer. "It was very alarming and very disturbing and my heart was hurting for this child."

The boy's father finally saw the video on Thursday morning and identified his son. It turns out the boy's mother was at the hospital and had asked her friend to bring Royal to his father's home.

The friend really blew it. She showed up late, went to the wrong house and left before anyone answered the door. The act is classified as child abandonment, a felony offense.

The child is in foster care until things get sorted out. He's doing well apparently. His father, not really.

"Just imagine that my nice neighbors weren't there," adds Willie with a quivering voice. "My son could've gone out in the street and got hit."