Instagram blocking anit-vaxxer hashtags to stop spreading misinformation

Instagram in blocking anti-vaxxer hashtags from its platform.

The social media site says it will take down hashtags promoting false information about vaccines. Anti-vaxxers have used social media to spread their message.

The U.S. is currently in the middle of the worst measles outbreak seen in decades, more than 700 cases reported nationwide.

They will still be able to post but certain hashtags will be blocked, like #vaccineskill.

Matt Binder, a tech reporter at Mashable says, "Anit-Vaxxers can post content on Instagram, their followers will be able to see it, people who come across their account organically will be able to see it, but Instagram is not going to actively promote those hashtags. They're not going to let people easily find content being posted uner those hashtags."

Instagram has not yet responded to this report.

Jessica Formoso of FOX Television station WNYW originated this report.