Impeachment proceedings draw lukewarm local Interest

In the halls of Congress, historic impeachment proceedings are fully underway, but in the halls of the University of Houston-Downtown, let’s just say, the effort to hold President Trump accountable, fell well short of "must-see" TV.

"It's just it's a lot to take in in one sitting," said Kelsi Rios a student who says she'll likely pick up highlights on social media.

There were, of course, exceptions like Shay Tatum and Adrian Calagon both hovering near a monitor watching coverage, compelled by an American President under fire for potential abuse of power and both wishing other students were just as interested.

"They are so desensitized to politics because of the way the country is being run because of the way Trump is handling the office. They are so desensitized, they go 'Oh, it doesn't matter. They aren't going to do anything to him anyway. It doesn't matter'," said Tatum who is student body president.

"Disregard the smoke and fumes and pay attention to the content. Pay attention to what's going on and how it's going to impact you," said Calagon who also serves in UH-D student government.

FOX 26 asked UHD political science professor David Branham for an educated read on the relative indifference to impeachment, both on campus and throughout the community.

"There's no path where the President will be removed through impeachment. There is a path to make a political statement though," said Branham.

He says two years of the Mueller investigation left Americans weary of partisan fighting and leery of motives on both sides.

"The lack of interest in the public I don't think is a good a sign for Democrats here," said Branham.