Hundreds of protesters gather in downtown Houston demanding police reform

The days events started with a peaceful protest in downtown Houston. Sky Fox caught footage of the large crowd as they marched from Discovery Green to Houston City Hall. The steps of Houston City Hall were filled with people and stretched out onto the streets. The rally for George Floyd was peaceful for the most part and powerful.

Various chants, of “I can’t breath” and “Justice For Floyd” erupting through the streets of Downtown Houston as more than 1,000 protesters marched to City Hall. The event was organized by Black Lives Matter Houston. “We are here to uphold the name of George Floyd, and the six or seven other people who have been murdered right here in the city of Houston, that’s all that matters right now. The police need to be held accountable.“ said head organizer Ashton P. Woods.

There were moments were small scuffles started, and things got tense when a woman allegedly came in the crowd with a rifle. Fox 26 was there as people ran by. We were told the situation was handled quickly, and the woman was released without charges. Several people took turns on the steps of City Hall, demanding justice not only for George Floyd but for others that lost their lives at the hands of law enforcement.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner pleading with the public when he heard that after the demonstration at City Hall, things were starting to get worse saying “The answer is not to tear down our cities OK, that is not the answer. And we are working every single day to address those inequities. We recognize that and so protests, I got it, demonstrate/march I got it, you have that right. I only ask that you do it peacefully.”

We know unfortunately that wasn’t the case there were still hundreds of protesters in smaller groups through the downtown area into the late evening hours.