Hundreds of Houston-area women attend Girls in Aviation Day

In hopes of inspiring a new generation of women in aviation, hundreds of Houston-area girls participated in a global event learning all facets of the industry.

Girls in Aviation day inspired many to pursue careers in the field. 

"Flying is just amazing," said participant Jessica Moore. "You get to see everything from above. It’s an unbeatable view. That’s definitely something I want to do in my future."

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According to Women in Aviation International, women make up only seven percent of pilots in the country.

"It’s important that we are here to represent them, to know that regardless of their background, they are capable to get to NASA, to get to space, to get to major airlines, to represent their community," said Julieta Triana-Vasquez with the Latino Pilots Association.

 For some, the event is so impactful they come back for a second year, like Lauren Moore. "I was so open-minded to every single career out here in the aviation world, and I thought it was so amazing, and now I’m more open to careers that I might want to do in the future," she said.

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Girls in Aviation Day isn't just limited to the United States. There are events all over the world in Kenya, Nigeria, and Canada.

It's all the more important to inspire this next generation considering there was a pilot shortage of 8,000 across the country. "I think we’ll see that continue to build as we see the boomers come out of certain jobs, and so it’s important for us to educate women to day to let them know what opportunities exist for them now and in the future, said Delilah Jones-Bardlette with United Airlines.

These girls hope others see what possibilities lie in the sky.

"If you just stay in one place, you’ll never see what you’re able to do, and definitely want to try new things," said Jaqueline Benitez.

However, these leaders want to remind young girls they aren’t limited to being a pilot. Careers in aviation are endless.