Hundreds of Aldine ISD students at risk for identity theft from organizer found at yard sale

A FOX 26 exclusive everyone needs to hear.  A local woman thought she was buying a simple organizer at a yard sale, but when she got home and opened it she found vital information which could have hundreds of people at risk for identity theft.

“I opened the lid and I told him it has something in it and he just take it,” the buyer said.

It’s something anyone could have picked up, but the woman who was driving around Humble and found this box at a yard sale, wants to remain anonymous.  We’ll just call her Molly.

“I ask how much and he says a dollar. This is how much I paid for a lot of information,” Molly said.

Alarming information belonging to hundreds of Aldine ISD students.

“In the folders you could see an actual copy of social security cards and then as I continue to look at it, they actually have a copy of the child's birth certificate,” Molly said.

Included in the files is psychiatric information with loads of personal documents.

“I saw pictures of students and had students social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, parents' names, and I continue to read and I noticed that these children were in counseling,” Molly said.

Molly herself has been a victim of identity theft.

“Somebody else could have bought this. Could have took them and sold these social security cards and made a fortune and could have affected a lot of lives. These poor children,” she said.

She handed us some of the documents and we wanted to hear what Aldine ISD administrators had to say.  Mike in the ccommunications department came out.

“Mike can I clearly show you some of this stuff. Look we've got birth dates. I mean psychiatric files. Ones with social security cards,” I explained,
“She has hundreds of these. She's holding on but she wants a response because she is going to take it to one of these students and take it up legally.”

“Ok let me show this to our attorney and we'll take it from there,” he responded.

We handed some of the files over to Aldine ISD.  Molly is hanging on to the rest of the them.  We will continue to follow this story and insist on getting an answer.