How would you like to repel from the roof of a Houston hotel?

Some Houstonians are going "over the edge" in a good way in this Positively Houston and you’re invited.

"I mean everybody’s already over the edge this year anyway so let’s make it official," smiles The Women’s Home Chief Development Officer Julie Comiskey but going over this edge is actually for a good cause.

"Over The Edge is where you repel down a large building. So we are repelling down the DoubleTree Hotel in the Galleria," Comiskey explains. 

Houstonians are signing up to take a walk down the side of the 26 story building to raise money for The Women’s Home, which helps ladies long term with substance abuse and mental health needs.

"We are on the rooftop right now. I have not been brave enough to look down yet because I am going over the edge on Saturday," laughs Comiskey.


The Women’s Home typically takes in donated items but this Over The Edge fundraiser will have donors doing what they likely never have before. Come Saturday May 1, 2021 anyone who wants to repel from the roof of the Doubletree Hotel just has to do this first.

"They need to raise $1,000 or pony up $1,000," says Comiskey or there’s also this option. "You can get a group of people together and toss your boss," Comiskey explains.

Meet William Venegas III, a boss that’s getting tossed.

"This rounded part of the building on the opposite side is exactly the area we’re going to be repelling from. It’s pretty high up there, 26 floors. (I’m) excited and nervous. So can’t wait for it," explains Venegas who’s the General Manager of the Doubletree Suites Houston Galleria. 

For the non-adrenaline junkies, there will be a cheering section exactly opposite of the rooftop, down below where feet will be firmly on the ground, in an area called the Chicken Coop. 

"That’s for people that are too chicken to go over the edge but want to make a donation. So they can make a donation in order to be in the chicken coop," smiles Comiskey. 


So whether you’re down in the chicken coop or up with the brave folks repelling off the Doubletree Hotel, you can support the Women’s Home in several different ways. 

Sign up for the event by sending an email to or go to the Women’s Home website The repelling event, which will be complete with a DJ, will kick off Saturday May 1, 2021 at 9 a.m. at the Galleria Doubletree Hotel at 5353 Westheimer.