How to properly load the dishwasher

While the world worries about weighty issues like politics and viruses, few topics are more polarizing, in the home, than who loads the dishwasher and getting the job done correctly.        

The appliance is one of life's great, modern conveniences: All that space, ready to clean and sanitize the mess from your last meal unless you put the dishes in the wrong place.        

Most anyone will say, with confidence, that they've got a system for the dishwasher that's better than anyone else's. They're probably, at least a little, wrong.

Fortunately, alongside it's latest rankings of dishwasher performance, Consumer Reports offers a 'how-to' video to help avoid any chaos. "We're going to settle this dispute, once and for all, by showing you the best method for most machines," the video begins.

Like some other tutorials you can find on the internet, this is about using the space as it was designed. Glassware, bowls and plastics on the top rack with enough room that they're exposed to the soap and water jets.

Plates and pans go on the bottom rack, with any chunks of food scraped off and the dirty sides facing toward the middle. There's no need to pre-rinse anythings because modern machines are able to handle the task as part of the job.

You can save some time and money by avoiding the heated-dry cycle and using a rinse-agent to help prevent spots.

Unfortunately, emptying the dishwasher is a struggle to be solved another day.

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