How holiday shoppers can support Houston's minority-owned businesses

Many Houston shoppers want to support minority-owned and socially aware businesses this holiday season, according to a new survey from Accenture.

The study finds the renewed movement this year, after George Floyd's death and the protests that followed, to support Black-owned and socially aware businesses is spilling over into holiday shopping.

Camellia Alise is a Black-owned spa and skincare company in Houston's Third Ward.

"We manufacture products for ingrown hairs, razor bumps, stretch marks as well as daily facial products, and we have a full-service spa that provides facials, body sculpting services, massages," said owner Lindsey Brantley.


They're welcoming holiday shoppers.

"We are doing a site-wide sale for Black Friday. We're offering 25% off all of our natural skincare products, and 10% off all of our spa services," said Brantley.

Accenture's 2020 Holiday Shopping survey found 41% of Houston shoppers plan to support minority-owned businesses.

"41%, especially in Houston, say they want to support a Black-owned or minority-owned business. To even find these kind of stats years ago, it's kind of nice to see the consumer saying this," said Accenture analyst Jill Standish.

And one-third of Houston shoppers want to support charities. That's something Vernita Harris and Bea Moore hope to tap into.

They say part of the proceeds from their new cookbook, Pinch-Dash-Done, A Gateway to Flavorful Recipes will benefit the Houston Food Bank and Prairie View A&M University.

But it's not just Black-owned businesses. The study found 32% of Houston shoppers will patron businesses that support social justice, diversity, and inclusion.

"People are starting to shop with their values and if they see a retailer who and is representing the community they're trying to serve, they're going to have more loyalty," said Standish.

LGBT-owned business Jelvin's Candy Shoppe hopes that will lead to sales, as it donates 60% of profits to charities.

"Our business is about doing good. If you're purchasing gifts for family and friends, especially during the holiday season, why not purchase it from a company that has a mission of 60%?"

Looking for Black-owned businesses? Try HoustonBuyBlack.

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The Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce also offers a director of LGBT-owned businesses.

The Asian Chamber of Commerce also has an Asian-owned business directory.