Houstonians fired up for Texans' Wild Card win

Houstonians are gearing up for the big game tomorrow, Houston Texans versus the Buffalo Bills an AFC Wildcard playoff game.

Saturday afternoon, the area around NRG Stadium will be packed with Texans fans hoping that the team will have what it takes to make it to the next round.

Fans we spoke with say they expect nothing less. “Well I’m going to be excited, excited, yes, go to round two I am.” Says Shantell Matt who has been following the team since 2002.

Floyd Worsley has also been with the Texans since the beginning, “I’m going to be excited. Very much so. I’m looking forward to an advancement to the divisional round.” He tells Fox 26.

Texans fans gathered Friday afternoon at CityCentre Plaza for a pep rally. Looking forward to see their team take on the Buffalo Bills in the playoffs.

We asked if they felt the Texans were in the shadow of the great loss the Houston Oilers suffered against the Bills 27 years ago. “We not the Oilers, we the Texan’s. Yeah, they left that when they left, yeah.” says Matt Pamela Jones.  Another diehard fan also agrees saying, “No, it’s totally different, we are a different ball game.“

Worsley tells us, “That was the Oilers, that’s a totally different franchise, so I’m not even going to count that as something for the Texans.”

Many were excited for J.J. Watt to return the field after recovering from a torn muscle.

Jones saying, “We’re not nervous about nobody. We are ready to play. J.J. is back. Everybody is in good standards, so we are good.”

Worsley is also excited for Watt’s come back “I think it’s going to be a plus for the team, that’s going to have a big impact on our defense of line, and I think that’s going to give the Bills another thing they need to worry about.“