Houston World Cup fans fly to Russia

Soccer fans have been glued to FOX for the World Cup for the past couple of weeks, but two fans in Houston just had to see it in person. 

"Right now we're at the Brazil-Serbia game--about to walk in," said Eddie Mendoza, who flew from Houston to Moscow on Saturday. "As you can see, there's all the fans behind us. It's a big party."

He and Alberto Morales, another Houstonian, FaceTimed with FOX 26 from outside the towering stadium, showing the diverse crowd of fans pouring in to watch as Brazil beat Serbia 2-0.

"The Russian people have been great," said Morales. "They love Texas. I guess they love the whole 'cowboys,' so they think we're all cowboys in belt buckles and stuff."

Regardless of origin, the crowds in Moscow had one thing in common--soccer.

"It's like the world's largest party," said Morales. "It's like a rock star concert, because it's like everybody's cheering. No one sits down. Everybody's yelling.... It's like crazy. It's awesome."

The guys even bumped into some people from back home.

"Lot of people from Texas," said Morales. "We've met other people from Dallas, San Antonio. So It's been a large group of people from Texas."

Morales and Mendoza are enjoying the weather too.

"No humidity--it's like 70 degrees," said Morales. "Sweater weather. It's like Minneapolis."

The guys say they've also enjoyed the Russian food so far.

"Food's awesome," said Mendoza. "Lot of steak. Lot of salads."

"My favorite is the vodka," said Morales. "I don't know if that's food, but I've been living on that."

The guys plan to fly back to Houston on Sunday.