Houston woman suing Chris Brown, files restraining order to try to stop Wednesday's concert

Amidst a lawsuit, Chris Brown returned to Houston Wednesday for his first performance since canceling a benefit concert in the city in March.

LaJuan Bailey, through her real estate company, filed the legal documents in court. A judge rejected the temporary restraining order, allowing thousands of people to attend the concert at the Toyota Center Wednesday night.

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"I was mad," said Ace Davis, a concertgoer in March and Wednesday. "I pulled up, and the sign said sold out [in March]. Then, they canceled. I was mad, but I’m here anyway. I’m a supporter."

"On the way here [tonight] I was like I hope he doesn’t cancel [again]," said another concertgoer.

The canceled show in March was organized as a benefit concert to raise money for hurricane victims in Texas and Louisiana. LaJuan Bailey, a real estate investor in Houston, says she gave Brown $1 million for the show in hopes of raising more money for local hurricane victims.

"I feel like he’s in the position that he should just refund the money," said Bailey.


According to Bailey, Chris Brown canceled March’s show within hours of when it was supposed to start through an Instagram post. She says fans were given refunds, but Brown hasn’t returned any of the $1 million to her.

"He says they sent a notice 48 hours before [canceling the show]," said Bailey. "We talked about that notice, but the show was allowed to progress, and then they didn’t show up."

"It’s our position that Mr. Brown last minute no-showed," said Kimmie Bennett, an attorney. "[Chris Brown] breached the contract."


This week, a temporary restraining order was filed against Brown that would have prevented him from performing in Houston Wednesday. However, a judge rejected the order.

"Clearly, it’s not money," said Tiffany Parker, a publicist for the group. "It’s negligence, it’s privilege, it’s entitlement, because this is how [Chris Brown] handles women. I want to know, does he not have the money? And, if he does have the money, why would he steal money from somebody that was just going to use his name and his gift to bless someone else?"

The real estate group, owned by Bailey, says they’re now suing Chris Brown for allegedly breaching contract.

"Return all of the money," said Bailey. "Make us whole again, so we can set out and help our people. Instead of just coming to the city and making as much money as you can, and continue to bounce around."

FOX 26 reached out to Chris Brown and his team, but so far we haven’t heard back.