Houston woman says she was sexually assaulted and beaten inside Midtown apartment parking garage

A Houston woman says she was sexually assaulted and attacked inside an apartment parking garage located in Midtown.

"He knocked me down," said Sterling Bennett.  "I was super bloody."

Photos show Bennett bleeding and bruised after the attack.  Bennett says the incident took place when she got home from work early last Saturday morning at her apartment near Bagby and Hadley Street.

After she parked in the garage around 4 am, she noticed a few young men riding bikes.  According to Bennett, she didn’t think much about it until one started rushing towards her.

"I started feeling like he was following me," said Bennett.  "I kept turning around and looking.  Then, he grabbed me from behind, by my privates. I was like, you can’t sexually assault women like that.  He was like, I can do whatever I want."

Bennett says that’s when she was punched, hit, and kicked.

"He punched me in the face, and the head, and the jaw," said Bennett.  "The lights were knocked out of me.  I just couldn’t believe this kid just hit me."

Bennett no longer feels safe living in her apartment and plans to move.  Other people we met Saturday also have noticed more crime recently in Midtown and plan to relocate.

"We love the area," said Joe Lopez.  "There are a lot of really good places to eat, it’s just been kind of sketchy lately."

So far no arrests have been made.  Bennett hopes her story will warn others.

"It’s wrong," said Bennett. "I would hope he’s sorry, but I don’t know."