Houston Westside residents asking why pipe with drinking water continues to flow for almost 2 weeks

You can see the water gushing out, a continuous steady stream for 11 days and counting.

"At first, I was saddened and then as time went on, the sadness turned to anger, and now I'm disappointed with the city," said Siboney Monroy.

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Monroy is president of the HOA for Lynbrook Manor Condominiums in west Houston. She says the property management company first reported the water leak to 311 on June 16.

"They got a ticket to take care of it, but all they've done is just flag it and that's it," Monroy said.
The water is clear and doesn't smell.

The blue flag the city left behind states, "Drinking Water Operations Branch System Maintenance Section."

"There are people around the world that don't have water, and the fact that I have it here in front of where I live and my backyard where the water is being wasted. That's where I get super angry and that's why I reached out to you all," said Monroy.


Keep in mind, the city is asking all residents to voluntarily follow water restrictions because of the drought. Think of all the yards, plants, and trees that would love this.

"11 days. That's gallons and gallons I'm assuming by the hour, that's being wasted," Monroy said.

Not only that, a plumber for the condominiums says the continuous flow of water has likely caused damage.

"Not only do we want the water off, we also want then to take care of any damages the water might have caused," said Monroy.

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The city says leaving the faucet on while brushing your teeth wastes 2,000 gallons of water at a cost of $360 a year.

"Who knows how much money is being wasted with this, because that's money going down the drain literally," Monroy said.

A spokesperson for Houston Public Works tells us, the city will have the leak fixed by the end of the week.