Houston vigil honors victims of Paris terror attacks

Thousands gathered at vigils around the world Sunday to remember the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris.  Those in Houston gathered for the “Houston Is Paris” vigil at the Miller Outdoor Theater in Hermann Park.

The message was “Vive La France.”  People mourned all the innocent lives that were lost but also want the terrorists to know that France will not be defeated.

The melody of jazz set the tone along with the sound of French pride.  People lit up the Miller Theater with glow sticks signifying that despite barbaric attack the City Of Lights will continue to shine.

“French people and the American people are together. And we can combat this bad people, so I'm really proud to be here,” Aurelie Moreno said.

“I'm here to show the world that Houston Texas is with Paris,” another former Parisian said.

The show of support moved Frederic Lefebvre a French congressman who flew in from Paris just to spend hours at the vigil.  He says coming to Houston was an escape from the harsh reality.

“It was terrible, so many attacks 8 attacks on our heart of life because we are exactly what the Islamist hate,” Lefebvre said.

He says France will move forward thanks to the support from thousands around the world.

“It's important now more than ever to show that we're altogether all of us. No matter how different we are, it's not just the French but America too. The values of freedom and democracy is what we stand for,” William Shaw said.