Houston school board race more important this election

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The new HISD school board will decide who will be the districts new boss now that Terry Grier is just months away from saying goodbye.

"And when you chose a new superintendent your choosing the leadership and in many ways the direction the school board goes the district goes," said Bob Sanborn president of Children at RIsk the non profit group that held Tuesday nights Houston school board debate.

Are magnet schools beneficial or detrimental to HISD?

Is more oversight or transparency needed when it comes to contracts and spending voter approved bond money?

Those were just some of the questions posed to board hopefuls.

"Talking about testing talking about longer school days," Sanborn said. "A lot of people don't like change we are going to have to have change if we want our schools better so there's a lot of debate about that as well."

The non profit group will compile where all the candidates stand on important educational issues and will have that information posted to their website ChildrenatRisk.org on Wednesday.