Houston Salon owner offering free services to essential workers

A Houston salon owner is offering free services to essential workers and she is hoping for but not asking for something in return in this Positively Houston.

Small business owner Queen Bell has been watching her business sink since the pandemic started.


To stay afloat she's giving complimentary cuts and other spa services to frontline workers in hopes of receiving tips to keep her business from going under.

With customers quarantining to stay safe in the pandemic many small business owners are watching the companies they've created collapse but they are committed to keep that from happening.

"I have staff come in (asking) ‘Queen do we have customers? Do we have appointments?' and we have no appointments”.

Queen Bell, yes that's her birth name, is the owner of Queen's Bee Salon and Spa on FM 1960 West. "My dad's only child. He said he never wanted to call a woman his queen until he saw me".

Currently, Queen is in a royal predicament. The pandemic is keeping customers away. "It's very hard.  It's heartbreaking".

So Queen is giving free services to all essential workers from the medical field, to grocery store employees to police, fire and teachers. "We want to give them a massage, a facial, a manicure, a pedicure a haircut. Any service they want free of charge".


The goal is no longer to gain a profit. “Hoping that at least a tip will pay our rent next month.

The only thing I can do is give back because I feel if I give God will bless me".

The salon once had 12 employees. Only two remain.

Queen counts that as perhaps a positive because it's easier to social distance. In fact, she says her spa is following all CDC guidelines and each room is limited to the person giving and the one receiving the service.

"It's time for us to help each other. Our country is going through a lot”.
This grandmother who's raising her 5-year-old grandson with autism hit a really rough patch at the start of the pandemic.

"I was unable to buy food because when you work in a shop with your customers that's how you get paid. The shops were closed almost three months".

The veteran cosmetologist remains hopeful this holiday season that a Christmas miracle in the form of a few dollars at a time will be enough to keep her in business.

"Please come and enjoy yourself for a day on us, on Queen's Bee Salon and Spa".

If you're an essential worker and would like to receive a free service at Queen's Bee Salon and Spa simply make an appointment and take your work badge to show where you're employed.

You can reach Queen's Bee Salon at 832-389-2700.