Houston postal worker caught on camera singing with joy while delivering packages

Video of a United States postal worker singing and dancing in Houston is gaining attention on social media.

"It’s kind of a cool thing to watch someone [sing] while they work, and have so much joy while working after dark," said Wrenne West.

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According to West, the home surveillance video was taken last week outside her house near the Houston Heights neighborhood.

In the video, a USPS delivery person can be seen and heard singing while delivering a package after sunset.  However, the delivery worker didn’t know she was being recorded by the home’s security system.

West says she is very impressed with the woman’s singing. She says she decided to post the video on social media, so others could experience the same joy she felt while watching it.

"She just spreads joy," said West. "If she’s that good when she’s delivering packages, what would she be like in a studio with a microphone?"

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On Wednesday, FOX 26 tracked down the postal worker seen singing and dancing on camera. She identifies herself as Sam Bee.

"I didn’t know anybody was paying attention to me," said Bee. "Singing brings me joy. I love delivering mail. [Music] just makes my day a little better."

Bee has worked for USPS for roughly five years. The delivery worker says she went through singing auditions when she was younger, but things didn’t progress. However, she does feel more comfortable now.

"Singing, to me, it’s hard," said Bee. "You may have it, and a lot of people tell you that you don’t. I did try out before. I shied away from it. However, singing brings me joy. I’m not going to let anybody steal my joy."


The surveillance video of Bee’s singing has gained hundreds of interactions online. Several people in the comments section praised Bee for her voice.

Bee says she would consider future singing auditions.

"I love that I was able to [bring joy] to everybody," said Bee. "Thank you so much."