Houston Police report the death of a suspect that was in custody

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Houston Police are investigating a man who died while in custody. Police say the man walked into the convenience store at the Phillips 66 gas station at 610 and Broadway behaving erratically and bleeding from his head and mouth.

Police say an officer was grabbing a bottle of water at the store around 4pm Sunday.  The say the man who comes to the store often walked in clearly disturbed and appeared as though he hit his head. Police say when the officer tried to calm him down he got physical and agitated. They say the cop then called back up.

"He replies multiple times I don't want to go to jail. The officer explains he just wants to try to aide him get him some help for the bleeding. He begins to charge at the officer so he calls for back up. He's also combative and aggressive and fighting towards the other officers," Houston Police PIO Jodi Silva said.

Police say they arrested the 42 year old man. They say when paramedics arrived the man was conscious. He was transported to St. Joseph Hospital where he was pronounced dead.  Police say the autopsy will reveal the cause of death. Police say cops did not get physical with him.