Houston police officer shot suspect in the arm while serving warrant

A Houston police officer shot a suspect in the arm while attempting to serve a felony warrant in southwest Houston.

According to Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo, the uniformed officers went to the house on Braesride Drive around noon Friday with lights and sirens, knocked on the door and gave notice that they were there to serve a warrant.

The 27-year-old suspect was wanted on three felony warrants for burglary of a habitation, auto theft and felony theft.

Police say the mom and brother came to the door and safely exited. As officers were clearing the house, police encountered two other women who were able to exit the house safely.

According to Chief Acevedo, the officers asked if anyone else was in the home, and they were told that there was not.

After searching the home, the officers then went to check the attic. Chief Acevedo says the officer went into the attic and thought he heard something. According to Chief Acevedo, the officer went up to a wall in the attic where there was some insulation and went to pull on the insulation when a suspect popped out.

"The officer discharged one round," Chief Acevedo says. "The officer has indicated that from his perspective that he believes that it was sympathetic reflex from the suspect jumping out at him unexpectedly like that."

The suspect was shot in the arm. Police say he was walking and talking after and was taken to the hospital.

The officer will be placed on administrative leave as is consistent with department policy. Several departments are investigating the shooting including the district attorney's office, internal affairs and the special investigations unit.

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