Houston passengers returning from Paris speak about terror attacks

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There were many emotional reunions at Bush Intercontinental Airport Saturday evening as people came in from an Air France Flight which left out of Paris. Passengers say the deadly terror attacks put life in perspective.  There were a lot of hugs and tears in Terminal E as families described living the past day in fear.

At moments like this, people just want to hold each other forever.

"He was taking off, I heard, about what was going on on the news, and my heart sunk," Bronwyn Sharp said.

Shannon Sharp and his wife saw each for the first time in 2 months. Both feared the terrorist attacks across Paris would tear their world apart. He describes a painful trip home from the City Of Lights.

"It's quiet. I think you still have a bit of shock of what's happening, so people who were on there were glad about getting out," Sharp said.

"I think it's tragic and it's very unfortunate these extremists are doing this to innocent people, and it's really sad," his wife said.

Meanwhile another heartwrenching moment. Florence La Rue spent hours waiting for her mom Michelle who lives north of Paris.

"It's just very sad. I can't understand why people would do such things, and I just hope we defend ourselves and fight back," La Rue said.

Both were heartbroken but glad to be together.

"It brings back the meaning of family and how important your family is, and your friends and loved ones," La Rue said.

While those we spoke with were going to sleep grateful, their prayers go out to the victims and those affected.