Houston parent concerned over schools reopening

Parents across the Houston area continue to be concerned with schools reopening in the near future. Especially those parents who have children with underlying health conditions. 

Many districts have been transparent by posting their reopening plans online and making necessary changes as they go along. 

Parents say they know the districts are working hard on these plans, but still have their reservations.

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Dr. Granita Lathan, the Interim Superintendent for Houston Independent School District, said in a video addressed to the school community that they wanted, “To ensure the safety of all students, employees, anyone entering an HISD building will be screened and must wear a mask, wash their hands frequently, and practice physical distancing. We will also implement strict safety measures at our campuses and offices.”

But will this enough? HISD is the largest in our area, and they are already starting two weeks late because of the spread of the virus. Virtual classes will be offered in the beginning, then in-person learning will start on October 19. 

One parent FOX 26 spoke with says it would be very difficult for kids to be supervised constantly about being sanitary and social distancing. 

“About wearing the mask, I don’t think even if it was for four hours or let alone two hours, that the kids would wanna wear a mask continually, wear that mask the whole time and how are they going to maintain that you can’t have your eyes on everything you know,” says Artiqua Thomas, who has three children in HISD. 

All of Thomas’ children have underlying health conditions. Her daughter was born with a bone disorder, and her twin boys, born prematurely, both suffer with asthma. 

“It’s scary. It’s scary, and you feel like, man, how much can I actually protect them from that? You know, like can we go across the street to the donut shop, you know, like can we go to a neighbor’s house and no exclamation point. We can’t go there, so it’s scary.“

Thomas hopes that the district keeps its promise to postpone in-person learning until the number of positive COVID-19 cases are low. If not, she has the option to keep them out of the building.


“They’re not going to be physically there. I know that for sure. I’ve already signed them up for virtual and I am pretty sure they will extend the virtual. And they, some of them do give us options, you know, do we want to have this the whole year, or I guess they will re-give us permission slips for various things we want to continue. But for right now home is the safest place to be.“

FOX 26 wants you all to know how all Houston area school districts plan on reopening. We have that information here.