Houston officer’s patrol vehicle rear-ended by off-duty Pasadena officer: HPD

A Houston police officer’s patrol vehicle was rear-ended by an off-duty Pasadena police officer early Thursday morning, HPD says.

The Houston police officer was taken to the hospital with a possible injury to his head, and the off-duty Pasadena officer was also taken to the hospital with minor injuries, officials say.


The crash occurred around 2:42 a.m. in the 6000 block of the S South Houston Parkway E.

Houston police officers had responded to a report of a stalled vehicle in a moving lane of traffic on the feeder road. Police say the driver was passed out in the vehicle.

The Houston Police Department investigates a crash involving an HPD officer and an off-duty Pasadena police officer.

One HPD officer parked directly behind the stalled vehicle, and another Houston officer blocked a middle lane of traffic. Police say they both had their emergency lights activated.

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While the officer parked in the middle lane was in his vehicle, an off-duty Pasadena police officer struck the back of the patrol vehicle with his pickup truck, HPD says.

Police say both officers involved in the crash were walking around afterward, but the Houston officer felt an injury to his head and was taken to the hospital. The off-duty officer was also transported to the hospital for evaluation.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation.