Houston NAACP calling for Bellaire High School coaches to be fired

The Houston NAACP, Rainbow Push Coalition, along with other activists are demanding the Houston Independent School District immediately terminate the contracts of the head baseball coach and assistant coach for Bellaire High School after racial slur allegations surfaced.

"Information that has surfaced has been quite disturbing," said Dr. James Dixon, II, President of Houston NAACP.

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These allegations are now currently being investigated by the district. Community members voiced their concerns, as HISD’s Superintendent, Millard House, was in attendance. Emilia Robinson, who was at the baseball game with her son says, he heard the slurs.

"He said they were making monkey noises," said Robinson. 

The controversy stems from a March 25 baseball game between Westbury High School, where attendees allege players from Bellaire started making "monkey sounds" when the pitcher from the opposing team proceeded to pitch. 


They also allege the Head Coach Nick Ozuna took no action to stop the taunting. 

FOX 26 reached out to HISD, they tell us at this time both coaches have been reassigned to different schools, and are not part of the coaching teams, pending the ongoing investigation. 

In a statement from the school district they say quote, 

"We take all the allegations seriously and when the investigation is completed the school district will take appropriate action to ensure our students and staff have access to a safe environment."

FOX 26 also reached out to the attorneys representing Mr. Ozuna. In a statement they say:

"Coach Nick Ozuna is the victim of a smear campaign, which has left him unable to defend himself by his employer's directive not to speak about the investigation while those who yell F---- bombs at high school baseball games accuse him of being a racist. For 18 years, Coach Ozuna has led the Bellaire Baseball team and had one of the most winning programs in Texas. He instills discipline and professionalism in his players to ensure that they enter college or a career-ready to face the new challenges that post high school life greets our kids with. To that end, he has a set of rules that all players must follow, without regard to race or ethnicity. Coach Ozuna participated fully with the district's investigation, answered every question, and turned in almost 100 letters of support from current and former players and parents from all walks of life, including many who were in attendance at the Westbury game and witness to all alleged events. We are confident that the investigation will clear Coach Ozuna, and he will be able to rejoin his school and team soon, for the conclusion of district play and the playoffs."