Houston musicians step in after Atlanta-based band has equipment stolen in Fort Worth

There's a popular saying that "it's all fun and games until the cops come out," but for Nicholas Niespodziani and his band, Yacht Rock Revue, the fun was over way before they had to call 911. 

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During the last weekend of April, he and his rock band were performing with legendary guitarist and singer Kenny Loggins in Fort Worth, Texas and the show went great, Niespodziani tells me in an interview. However, the fun and excitement were cut short after their trailer containing thousands of dollars worth of instruments was stolen outside their hotel overnight.

"We come off the stage, and we're just buzzing; everybody's loving life," he said. "And then, you know, we go to our hotel, and I wake up this morning, the next morning to like 15 texts in a thread about our trailer being stolen."

"I was just like, ‘is this a joke? Is somebody like just trying to make light of this after, you know, such an epic night?’ and it turns out, no," Niespodziani continued. "One of the guys in our crew went downstairs at like six in the morning and was having his coffee and looked out and saw the trailer was missing off of the van. And you know, it was parked right out in front of the hotel where you could see it, it was crazy."

As common as instruments getting stolen, Niespodziani and his bandmates took necessary precautions to ensure their belongings were properly stored and protected, but it was to no avail. 

"These guys were super professional who did it," he explained. "I don't think it was their first time stealing a trailer like… we had several mechanisms in place, they were able to like cut the locks off of the trailer hitch, slipped the transmission in the van, tow the van forward like 15 feet so that you get whatever they had in there to hook up the trailer to their hitch and took off from there."

There were even AirTags placed inside the instruments' cases but were removed and thrown away. 

"They had some kind of detector for AirTags because we had a few cases that had AirTags in them, and they were able to figure out which cases had air tags and ditch those at a different location," Niespodziani added. "We found our saxophone player's sax in the middle of the street in this neighborhood in Fort Worth, where they had like, emptied it out. There was literally a saxophone in the street and then the AirTag next to it like - it was very advanced. I didn't even know you can do that kind of thing."

All in all, Niespodziani estimates $150,000 worth of instruments and the trailer were taken. However, the stolen item's sentimental estimates are priceless. 

"It's a lot more than just the dollars of it," Niespodziani noted. 

"There are guitar straps that my dad hand-beaded for me on all of my guitars," he continued. "There was a custom guitar that our guitar player Monkey Boy had just had, he had waited six months to be able to order it from the custom shop with all the specifications that he wanted - exactly like he wanted it and all the digital stuff, there are all these presets that we created, that we're not going to be able to have to recreate on the next set of gear."

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Adding even more stress to the Atlanta-based band, the same day their instruments were stolen, they were scheduled to perform in Houston, Texas. 

"We were playing a concert in Houston, that was a fundraiser for a cancer research charity," Niespodziani explained. "And we're looking at the schedule, like ‘how do we make this show still happen?’ You know, we don't want to disappoint all these people and be a drag on the charity." 

Fortunately, the band made a new friend out of strangers through Paul Beebe of Disco Expressions in Houston. 

"I got a phone call from a number I didn't recognize, so I didn't answer, but then I got a text; It was from one of the road managers for [Yacht Rock Revue]," he said. "They were trying to scramble to get gear and get down to Houston and everything to play this gala, and so we said we'd be happy to help because that's a rough situation to be in."

"They say, you know, ‘not only can you use our stuff, but we have a studio, and we have all of this gear that you can use if you need,’ and just anything we needed," Niespodziani added. "They were immediately there for us, which was super cool."

Beebe noted how common it is for instruments to be stolen from musicians due to how hard they are to recover and lucrative a crime it is for thieves. 

"The equipment is hard to trace; there's lots of gear out there and if it can be sold easily on the market, it's expensive," he explained. "Guitars can cost thousands of dollars and amplifiers can be thousands of dollars. It's easy to sell it to a pawn shop or online or wherever; it's very easy to shop it around, and it's worth a lot of money."

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There are some steps musicians can take, however, to try and prevent instrument theft or at least get them recovered. 

"Make sure you get your serial numbers on all your gear, especially guitars, they all have serial numbers on them," Bebee advised. "And you can report those serial numbers. And sometimes you get stuff back, because of that. 

"I have a friend who had a guitar stolen out of his car here in Houston, and he reported it to the police, and it showed up in a pawn shop, and he got it back," he continued. "So you can get it back, but if you don't have any sort of way to identify your gear other than ‘it’s a fender strat,' then you're gonna be out of luck." 

Regardless, Niespodziani and the rest of YRR are patiently letting the Fort Worth PD continue their investigation. Meanwhile, they are continuing their shows, and taking alternative measures to give fans a wonderful experience; demonstrating true artistry through improvising. 

"We're lucky in that we're not just an indie rock band, right?" he said. "Like if this would have happened to us 10 years ago when we were still getting our feet under us, it would have been a crushing blow. But we're, we're lucky in that we've gotten to a point where we can take a hit like this and still be able to play all our shows." 


For this reason, Beebe also noted the importance of supporting local artists and live music. 

"It's a special thing," he said. "You can watch TV anytime, you can't see a band every time." 


Niespodzian echoed similar statements adding while has been encouraged to start a GoFundMe or find a way to raise money and recover from their tragedy, he is just hoping more people will come to see them do what they love. 

"I would say if you want to support us just come to our concerts we're playing some shows with Kenny [Loggins] in Austin, and in Houston later this Fall, or Summer, maybe, and then we're doing a headlining show ourselves in San Antonio," he concluded. "Just get some tickets to our shows, and if you see any really nice guitars on Craigslist, that don't look like they should be there (laughs)."


The band has posted a full list of the nearly 250 items stolen in their comments page in a Facebook post, which are also listed below: 

  1. 2002 Gibson ES 333 w/ James Tyler Pickups
  2. 65 Amps 2x12 Cabinet
  3. Kemper Stage Profiler
  4. Kemper powered Profiling Amp
  5. Line 6 G10s Wireless System 1 Custom Tuki Cabinet Cover
  6. Custom Tuki Amp Cover
  7. Custom Amp Cabinet
  8. Horizon Ethercon 25’ Cable
  9. Don Grosh Retro Classic Aged Lake Placid Blue w/Barden Pickups & Case
  10. Gibson 1976 Black Greco EGC-1000 Les Paul with case
  11. 1989 Ernie Ball Music Man Silhouette Honey Burst Finish
  12. 2020 Ernie Ball Stingray 6 String Electric
  13. Kemper Foot Controller
  14. Kemper powered Profiling Amp
  15. TC Electronics Bonafide Buffer
  16. SKB iSeries Equipment Box
  17. SKB 3i-2015-7KPS
  18. Don Grosh ElectraJet
  19. Thon Line 6 FBV Pedal Board
  20. 4 Monster Cables
  21. (2) Mission Engineering EP1KP Expression Pedal
  22. Voodoo Labs Wahzoo Pedal
  23. Ernie Ball VPJR pedal
  24. Custom Vintage V6 Icon w/Zexcoil Tribucker HSS Pickups
  25. Ernie Ball VPJR pedal
  26. Afuche Cabasa
  27. Remo Vintage Emperor Tom Drumhead Pack (Coated) 12, 13, and 16 in. Coated 6 2-Pack Remo Emperor Coated Drumhead - 14 inch Value Bundle
  28. 2-Pack Remo Ambassador Hazy Snare-side Drumhead - 14 inch Value Bundle
  29. Aquarian Super Kick II Clear Bass Drum Head (22")
  30. Remo Ambassador 22" Resonant head clear
  31. Yamaha YFL 661 flute
  32. Yamaha YPC-32 piccolo
  33. Yamaha YAS-62 alto saxophone
  34. (2) Retro Revival alto saxophone mouthpieces
  35. Yamaha YTS-875 tenor saxophone
  36. (2) Guardala studio mouthpiece (laser trimmed)
  37. (2) Shure Beta 98 H/C microphones
  38. (2) Shure BLX1 Wireless Transmitter H10 frequency band 7 Shure BLX4R Wireless Receiver
  39. Shure BLX4R Wireless Receiver
  40. Line 6 M9 effects pedal
  41. Line 6 M9 effects pedal
  42. Battle Cases BCS 200
  43. Pelican Air 1615 cases for Tenor Sax with custom foam
  44. Pelican Air 1615 cases for Alto and EWI with custom foam 7 (2) Hercules sax stands with peg
  45. Akai EWI4000s electronic wind instrument
  46. Macbook Pro 15 inch laptop with power supply
  47. Midisport 2x2 midi/USB interface
  48. Midisport 2x2 midi/USB interface
  49. Tech 21 Midi Mouse pedal
  50. (2) Middle Atlantic steel rack shelves
  51. SKB Studio Flyer 4U rack/case
  52. Nord Electro 6D 73 keyboard
  53. Roland Fantom X6 keyboard
  54. SKB ATA 76 Note keyboard case
  55. SKB ATA 61 Note Keyboard Case for Roland Fantom X6 7 (2) Yamaha FC4 Sustain Pedals
  56. (2) M-Audio EX-P Expression Pedals
  57. (2) QuikLok QL7422 2 Tier Keyboard Stand
  58. SKB 2317-14 case
  59. Mackie 802vlz3 Mixer
  60. DW 3000 Series Drum Throne
  61. SKB 2217-10 case
  62. LP Aspire Wood Bongos
  63. LP A245 Bongo Stand
  64. SKB 4816-w Case
  65. Meinl Headliner Stand
  66. Meinl Medium Afuche Cabasa
  67. Meinl Louis Conte Grey Shaker
  68. LP 150 Cyclops Tambourine
  69. LP Egg Shaker
  70. Gilbraltar SC-Sat 12’ x 12" LP Percussion Tray
  71. Gator GP-66 Protechtor double pedal bag (padded)QQ
  72. ProCo Sign Off Latching Mute Switch
  73. Roland BT-1 Bar Trigger
  74. Mackie 1402-VLZ4
  75. Proline PL400 Single X-Braced Keyboard Stand
  76. Proline PL400 Double X-Braced Keyboard Stand
  77. (2) M-Audio EX-P Expression Pedals
  78. (2) Yamaha FC4 Sustain Pedals
  79. QuikLok QL7422 2 Tier Keyboard Stand
  80. Roland RT 30 Kick Trigger
  81. Roland RT 30 HR Dual Trigger
  82. Roland RCC-10-TR28v2 Cable
  83. Boss FS-6 Dual Switch Pedal
  84. Roland SPD-SX Drum Pad W/ PDS-10 Pad Stand F7H9705
  85. Plastic Molded Case for Drum Pad
  86. Circa 1970s Ludwig Vistalite 14" x 22" in red
  87. Circa 1970s Ludwig LM400
  88. Pearl Brass 5' x 14'
  89. Circa 1970s Ludwig Vistalite 8' x 12" in red
  90. Circa 1970s Ludwig Vistalite 9" x 13" in red
  91. Circa 1970s Ludwig Vistalite 16" x 16" in red
  92. 1 Gibraltar 9706 Snare Stand
  93. 2 Gibraltar 9710-TP Straight Stand
  94. 2 Gibraltar 9709TP Boom Stand
  95. 1 Gibraltar 9707ML-DPBoom Stand Moveable Leg Hi Hat Stand
  96. Avedis Zildjian 14" Quick Beat Hi Hats
  97. Zildjian K Custom Session Crash 16"
  98. Zildjian K Custom Session Crash 18"
  99. Avedis Zildjian 10" Splash
  100. Zildjian K Custom Hybrid China 19"
  101. Zildjian 20" K Ride
  102. DW DWCP9002 9000 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal
  103. Evans E-Rings Standard Pack (12", 13", 14", 16")
  104. Big Fat Snare Drum Auto-Tone Snare Drum Topper - 14"
  105. Big Fat Snare Drum Green Monster Snare Topper - 14" - Heavy Ply
  106. 5 Yamaha MX49 Synth Controller
  107. SKB 3i-3614-TKBD iSeries Rolling Waterproof 49-key Keyboard Case
  108. (3) USB Thumb Drives
  109. Gorilla Ears 3-Driver IEMs
  110. Tama 1st Chair Ergo-Rider Drum Throne - HT730B
  111. SKB Roto-X Molded Drum Case 22 x 18 in
  112. SKB Roto-X Molded Drum Case 14 x 5.5 in.(2)
  113. SKB Roto-X Molded Drum Case 12 x 8 in.
  114. SKB Roto-X Molded Drum Case 13 x 9 in.
  115. SKB Roto-X Molded Drum Case 16 X 16 in.
  116. SKB Roto-Molded 22" Cymbal Vault With Handle & Wheels
  117. SKB Roto-Molded Mid-sized Drum Hardware Case With Handle & Wheels
  118. Latin Percussion Mountable Salsa Timbale Cowbell, ES-5
  119. Meinl MC-BD Bass Drum Cowbell Holder/Mount
  120. Meinl Designer Stick Bag Black - MSB-1
  121. Vic Firth American Classic 5B Wood Tip (6 Pair)
  122. Kemper Stage Case .
  123. Expression Pedal
  124. Expression Pedal Black
  125. 6-string Acoustic Guitar Guitar Case
  126. Guitar Case
  127. Replacement Value
  128. SKB Telecaster Flight Case
  129. (2) Custom Keyboard Stands with Tolex
  130. Road Case for Deville
  131. Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner Pedal
  132. Greer Amps Southland Harmonic Overdrive 3 (4) Monster guitar cable, '21
  133. Lava Retro Coil guitar cable '20
  135. AMPEG PF 410HLF
  136. Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synth Pedal and power supply.
  137. 1975 Fender Precision (Walnut Brown) 628540
  138. 1988 Fender Squire Jazz (black) E 805555
  143. Sennheiser EW100-G4-CiI-A WIRELESS SYSTEM
  144. Sennheiser EW100-G4-CiI-A WIRELESS SYSTEM Transmitter
  147. MOGAMI GOLD BPSE TS-24R Cable for G4 wireless pack
  151. LASKO Fan Model 4914
  152. Mogami Gold guitar cable '18
  153. Monster bass cable, '12.
  154. Monster Performer 500 speaker cable '3 (X2).
  155. Radial Pro Di passive di.
  156. Ampeg Portaflex PF800 Bass Amp PF800CPHR0061
  157. Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Bass Compressor Serial No 107
  158. 1986 Yamaha BB1600 Bass (black/gold) NH09019
  159. 1989 Yamaha BB5000A 5 string Bass (black/gold) PH01149
  162. Dunlop/MXR Bass Envelope Filter
  164. Dunlop/MXR Bass Octave Deluxe
  165. 10 3"- 1’ PATCH CABLES
  169. TC Electronics Poly Tune
  170. (2) One Spot power supply x2
  171. Pelican 1650
  172. QSC K12 Powered Monitor
  173. Road case by Georgia Case for QSC K12 Powered Monitor
  174. Roland Fantom G6
  175. Tama 1st Chair Piano Seat
  176. SKB keyboard case Roland Fantom
  177. SKB keyboard case for Nord 5D
  178. Nord Electro 5D 73 key
  179. Drum Throne
  180. Nord Electro 6D 73 keys EP18094
  181. (2) 1/4" Cables
  182. (1) Furman Power Strip
  183. iPad Air FTEL2LL/A F8QZN0BRK7M9 GGJ 12.9 3RD Generation
  184. iPad Air MUUJ2LL/A DMPY30VSLMPD NACK 12.9 3RD Generation
  185. (2) Hosa 1/8 to dual xlr adapter cables HMX-010y
  186. Roland SPD ONE Kick
  187. (6) Stanley Floor Fans 655704 with Storage Containers
  188. Apple iPad Pro LTE+Wifi 12.9"
  189. Apple iPad Pro Smaart Keyboard
  190. cowbell
  191. Helix HX Stomp
  192. Helix Channel Swticher
  193. LP Maracas (2)
  194. Meinl bongos
  195. Meinl Bongo Stand
  196. Meinl Bongo Soft Case
  197. Mienl Percussion Tray with Stand
  198. Custom Guitar Strap
  199. G7 Guitar Capo
  200. Keyser Capo
  201. Stanley Tool Box
  202. SKB Hardware Box
  203. One Spot Power Supply
  204. Pedaltrain Nano Pedal Board and Hard case
  205. SKB iSeries Equipment Box
  206. Percussion Toolbox
  207. Shaker
  208. Shaker
  209. Shaker
  210. Takamine EF-385 acoustic electric 12 string
  211. Gator Deluxe ABS Molded Case - Jumbo Acoustic Guitar 2 Tamborine (2)
  212. tambourine, toolkit, kazoos
  213. SKB Drum Hardware Case With Wheels - 42" x 16"
  214. (7) Hercules Guitar Stands
  215. (2) 15’ white coils lava cable
  216. 2-3' Monster Cable
  217. Boss TU3 Tuner
  218. Whirlwind A/B Switch
  219. (2) Radial ProDI Direct Boxes
  220. 20' blue lava cable
  221. Fender Junior Tweed Amp w/ Case
  222. Vintage Guitar Jazz Master V65 Icon
  223. Gretch 8215
  224. Volt 476 Interface
  225. SKB Box for Guitar Pedals
  226. Nash Telecaster w/ Case
  227. Moog Sub Phatty
  228. Moog Case
  229. USB-C Cable
  230. Midi Cable
  231. Burns 12 String Electric Guitar
  232. Apple iPad Pro LTE+Wifi 12.9"
  233. Apple iPad Pro Smaart Keyboard
  234. 2017 MacBook Pro 3.1GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB, 512 SSD
  235. Flight Case for Burns Electric Guitar
  236. (2) LTGEM Travel Hard Carrying Case for Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII & MPK Mini Play 3 (2) Samsung T3 Portable SSD - 500GB - USB 3.1 External SSD (MU-PT500B/AM)
  237. 10 George-L patch cables
  238. G&L ASAT Classic Guitar
  239. 2 Hohner Special 20 Harmonicas
  240. Fender Hot Rod Deville 2x12 Amplifier modified by Acorn Amplifiers
  241. Line 6 Helix Floor Modeling Pedal
  242. Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner Pedal
  243. 2 - One Spot Power Supply
  244. Larrivee L-03E
  245. SKB Hard Plastic Acoustic Guitar Case
  246. Fender Telecaster Case
  247. Potentiometer

To learn more about Yacht Rock Revue and purchase tickets, visit their website. You can also learn more about Disco Expressions on their website.