Houston mom on mission to protect families from fire dangers after losing son

A local mom is on a mission to help protect families from the dangers of fire. This Burn Awareness Month, she's sharing her personal story and tragedy to save others, after losing one of her own.

Justina Page is a loving and caring mother of six, but 23 years ago, she tragically became a mom of five. 

"Unfortunately, myself, my husband, and our six sons were a part of a four-alarm house fire, which resulted in the loss of one of our 22-month-old twins, just totally devastating. We lost everything," states a solemn Justina Page.


She raced into the futile flames to reach her twins but got trapped and was burned on more than half of her body. Little Amos didn't make it and his twin, Benjamin suffered severe, painful burns, along with permanent mental challenges.

"We were given a 0% chance to live, and my husband and our sons were all burned," states Justina.

The fire quickly whipped through their home, causing catastrophic damage, not only to their home, but their bodies, even though they had a "fire plan" in place.  She encourages others to do the same.

"Have a plan. There's a Fire Museum in Houston, where you can learn how to make a plan. Drawing up a plan is what saved my four other sons. I was a homeschool mom at the time. My husband and I had taught them about fire safety. We had visited the fire museum, we had a plan. They knew the point of where to wait for their father, which literally saved their lives," exclaims Justina.

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Justina says, practice that plan to make sure children understand it. Also, please don't forget to change batteries in your smoke alarms.

"Fatal mistake. That's what happened to me. I didn't change the fire alarm, the batteries in the smoke alarm so the smoke alarm didn't go off.  Change it, twice a year (if possible)," suggests Justina. She also suggests fire sprinklers in your home.

Justina not only shares this potentially life-saving information, she also helps burn victims through a non-profit organization in the memory of her beloved son.

"It's called the Amos House of Faith and what we do, we support children and families affected by burn trauma through programs, through financing. Some, we can't do all, but some things that are needed as far as food, parking, clothing, those types of things," says Justina.   

Justina has also appeared in the faith-based film, "We Are Stronger", to bring awareness about help for post-traumatic stress or PTSD, to help others working through any type of tough time.


She also gives first-hand advice to children who've suffered the emotions she understands all too well.

"I have a program called the After Burns Club, where we support the kids. We teach them how to deal with anxiety, fear, survivor guilt, anger, all of those different issues," explains Justina. Making a difference for others, as she continues to work through her own pain, after all these years.

Justina wants to invite you to her annual fundraiser Saturday, February 19th at 11 a.m. in Pearland. The lunch is only $10 and will help many burn victims. For more information, click here.

Justina's book, proceeds go to burn victims, can be found by clicking here.

For more information on the Amos House of Faith, click here.