Houston mom goes to bed with suspected hangover, diagnosed with brain tumor

A 23-year-old Houston mom and nursing student, Christina Smith, went to bed one night with what she thought was a bad hangover.

“Next day I had the biggest headache all day, " said Christina.

When she woke up, she was being admitted into a hospital.

Doctors say she had a seizure and being told it was caused by an aggressive tumor which was forming around a key vein in her brain.

Surgery was incredibly risky.

Normally, they would remove the tumor around the vein, but since it was so aggressive, they could leave no trace -- the vein would have to go, too.

But, they didn’t know what would happen when she woke up.

Christina bravely went through with the surgery, and woke up with half of her body paralyzed, but with the tumor gone.

In her words, she was just grateful it was her body, not her brain. She eventually made a full recovery, and is back in nursing school.

The amazing thing about the story is the community she had around her.

There were 40 people in the waiting room while she was in surgery, including her loving husband, two-year-old son, and her father, who is the host of a local gospel radio station.

She truly believes that this support system is what led to her miraculous recovery.

"I'm back in school!"