Houston ISD school board apologizes for last week's bad behavior

"We the board of the Houston Independent School district would like to apologize," said board member Diana Davila.

Houston school board members are saying 'I'm sorry' for their behavior over the last 10 months and especially last Thursday.

"There is no doubt that these past few days have been a difficult time," said interim superintendent Dr. Grenita Lathan.

Four African American board members accused the other five of ousting Dr. Lathan to bring in former HISD head Dr. Abe Saavedra.

"All sides and everybody handled this situation the wrong way," said Zeph Capo with the Houston Federation of Teachers.

"We will work to improve our behavior as adults and treat each other with respect," said council member Jolanda Jones.

"Some of the board members here are not as seasoned as others," said State Senator Boris Miles.

Miles doesn't hint last week's school board debacle was race related.

"I'd like to not think that," the state senator said. "I'd like to think not."

Congress woman Sheila Jackson Lee calls the school board's recent mess a misunderstanding and not race related.

"I'm not going to make that leap," she said.

After the mea culpa, school board members refused to answer any questions, so we don't know what led to the big turnaround.