Houston Humane Society and one-of-a-kind sanctuary for dogs with special needs sustain hurricane damage

Two non-profits that give every dog a chance no matter what, now need a helping hand.

The Houston Humane Society is a no-kill shelter that doesn't say no to lost dogs.

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We were at the Houston Humane Society when Trish Murison brought in a stray dog she found in the Heights.

"Thanks for bringing her in," Humane Society Director Aaron Grady told her. "We can definitely help her out and find her a forever home."

Beryl caused some damage to the southwest side shelter. The dog play area, where every dog gets out every single day to play, has a huge hole in the fence.

That same thing at the shelter's Wildlife Center.

But the damage isn't stopping the Humane Society from helping others,

"One of our biggest efforts after the storm is going to be with disaster relief," Grady said. "We want to help those in need. We can provide resources whether it's pet food, crates, things like that for them. Also, any monetary donations go a long way."

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Priyanka Johri is the founder of Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary in Conroe. It's truly one of a kind.

She only takes in dogs with nowhere else to go and gives them a home for the rest of their lives.

"Older hospice dogs that won't be easily adoptable, have medical needs and expenses," she said.

The free kennel, free cage sanctuary took a beating from Beryl as downed trees were everywhere, knocking down a lot of fences.

Knowing she can't let the dogs roam freely, like they're used to, is breaking Priyanka's heart.

"It feels like a bomb went off destroying what I've built over the last 16-17 years," she said.

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