Houston Housing Authority opens up wait list for first time since 2012

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When it comes to affordable housing Houston has a critical shortage.

"Folks are making challenging decisions every day in Houston about how to use their scare resources," said

Mark Thiele with the Houston Housing Authority.

The Houston Housing Authority hasn't been in a position to open up a list for applicants since 2012 and they say the need here is great.

More than 400 thousand families in the greater Houston area are estimated to be eligible for the Housing Choice Voucher program.

Eligibility is based on income.

"So for example a family of four the income level is currently 34 thousand 600 dollars so it's different depending on your family size," Thiele said.

The housing authority is on the verge of helping 30 thousand area families struggling to pay rent.

"It's a tremendous opportunity for Houston families our families with children who need affordable housing," said Thiele. "Our elderly the disabled."

Here's how it works.

Beginning at 8am this coming Monday September 19, 2016 through 11:59 pm Sunday September 25th those seeking assistance need to go on line and apply through www.GetOnTheHHAList.com.

Going on line is the only way to apply, there is no way to do it in person.

Those who don't have computer access can go to any city library and even get help filling out the application.

On September the 29th a computer generated lottery will randomly pick the 30 thousand families that will be placed on the housing voucher waiting list.

"We expect 85 thousand or more families to apply during this week and everybody make sure you are one of them," Thiele said.

After the 29th applicants can go to the same website to see if they were chosen for assistance.

In most cases those who receive assistance will be able to stay at their current residence.

You can find more information about the Houston Housing Authority at www.housingforhouston.com/ .