Houston homebuilder offering mortgage assistance to homeowners in need

A Houston homebuilder wants to give back by helping struggling families stay in their homes through the economic crisis. The company is paying the mortgage for one homeowner a month.

If you cannot make your mortgage payment this month, getting that bill paid could be as easy as liking a post and telling JG Hollins Builders how the pandemic is affecting you.

Custom home builder Johnny Hollins of JG Hollins Builders says they've had good fortune during the pandemic.

"During this time which has been difficult for everyone in some form or fashion, we have actually been doing really well in the construction industry as a whole.  Home sales are up," said Hollins.

The company wants to help those less fortunate to stay in their homes by paying their mortgage for a month, up to $2000.

"Our passion is to put people in a house and help them stay in their house," said Hollins.

Homeowners can apply by following and liking posts on the JG Hollins Builders Facebook and Instagram pages. Then they write a direct message to the company about how COVID-19 has impacted them.

"As far as being laid off, not being able to pay a mortgage, death in the family, those sorts of things, and we will ultimately vote on the winner," explained Hollins.

"It' s all good," said Hollins, giving an elbow bump to the first recipient John Kenna.

Kenna is a special needs teacher for Spring Branch ISD and wasn't able to earn his usual summer income.

"I missed out on additional summer school teaching, summer school tutoring," said Kenna.


Kenna says getting one month's mortgage payment will help him stay on track to attend graduate school in speech pathology.

"I plan to continue working as hard as I can for my students, for the community and for Mr. Hollins in any way I can," Kenna told us.

But Kenna was the only one who applied for the first round.  Hollins wants more families in need to reach out.

"We're out just helping people in the community that have suffered with COVID-19 in any way and wanting to give back to the community that has done so much for us," said Hollins.

JG Hollins says the assistance is specifically for mortgage payments, not rent.  The company plans to offer one mortgage payment to one recipient a month for the next two months but may continue helping more through the rest of the year.

Here are the rules from the company's Facebook page:
1. DM your story through Instagram or Facebook with your name, phone number/ email, and your story.
2. You must follow our Instagram or Facebook: @jghollinsbuilders.
3. Like this post and use the hashtag #JGHRelief.
4. Must be a homeowner who is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic [No rental houses/apartments]
Each giveaway ends at the end of the month at 11:59 p.m. and the winner will be announced 24 hours later.

Up to $2000 will be paid directly to the Loan Mortgage Company. [Disclaimer: They will pay exactly what the mortgage is up to $2000, no extra.]

Claim the prize within 24 hours after the announcement, or it will go to someone else.