Houston fire cadets file complaints against Mayor Turner

On Thursday afternoon, Houston fire cadets filed into City Hall Annex to file complaints against Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner.

The 68 cadets allege discrimination and retaliation. The mayor recently approved the promotion of more than 60 police cadets. Fire cadets, however, are in limbo. The issue is related voter-approved Proposition B which mandates pay parity between police and firefighters of similar rank. Turner has filed motions twice ask a judge to throw out the measure.

Houston Councilman Dwight Boykins ran into the cadets while they were submitting their complaints. Just a day earlier, Boykins protested the Mayor's refusal to swear in the cadets during the city council meeting. 

In response to the complaints, Mayor Turner sent FOX 26 the following statement:

"These are employment decisions based on the financial constraints of the city.  My efforts to save the city from the financial ruin posed by Prop B are solely responsive to the needs and desires of the residents of Houston. Complaints by fire cadets of discrimination and retaliation will be handled by the Office of Inspector General like any other complaint.

"But these theatrics are nothing more than a distraction and do not help us to solve real financial challenges. I am confident that people can see what the Fire Fighters Association is doing:  It is ironic that at the same time that we were sitting down with Council Members to discuss the implementation of Prop B, this demonstration was being held.  Nevertheless, I remain focused on protecting the interest of this city, because there is simply too much at stake."