Houston family claims ITC fire made them sick

It’s not only the waterways that the Intercontinental Terminals Company has to clean up, the legal mess has started pile up over the last couple days, and FOX 26 is hearing that more people wanting to hold ITC accountable for endangering their health will be coming forward.

Norma Mottu tells us that her entire household got sick while the smoke that came from the facility lingered over her home in Denver Harbor, which is about 13 miles away.

In total, seven people, herself included, had to go to the doctor. Mottu says, “We’re not getting better, so obviously something is in the air, something is still in our house, I don’t know what else to do." 

Mottu says even though cities like Deer Park and La Porte were told to shelter in place, she took the same precautions. However, last Monday, her son started to feel sick.

“My son felt like throwing up, he felt weak. He already has a low immune system, so you know I went to pick him up early that day,” she said. 

Soon, everyone in the household felt the same symptoms. Norma’s husband John and her mother had to be hospitalized. 

John tells us, "I’ve never been sick, I never go to the emergency room, I never go to the doctor. I’m healthy. For me to feel like this, it scares me."

The trips to see the doctor will continue for this family. Not wanting to take any chances, Mottu sent her mother and 3-month-old son away to stay with relatives in Corpus Christi.

She tells FOX 26, “I feel better that they are breathing fresh air right now and I don’t even know if I want them to come back right now.”

Earlier WEdnesday, multiple attorneys came out to file a restraining order against ITC to preserve evidence.

Bill Ogden, an attorney representing one of the plantiffs, says, “I think there’s going to be hundreds if not thousands, coming forward so that evidence is preserved in all of those cases."

Michael Goldberg, the attorney for ITC, tells us, “We’re working with the government, all the government agencies and we’re going to do that and we’re not going to stop until that’s done.“

Norma Mottu and her family have also filed a law suit against ITC earlier this week.