Houston bar employee violently attacked after asking a customer to wear a mask

A Houston bar employee was violently attacked Monday night after asking a customer to put on a mask while inside the business. The employee was sent to the hospital bleeding from his head, while the customer sped off in his car.

Josh Vaughan has worked security at Grand Prize Bar in the Museum District off-and-on for nearly seven years.

Over the last several months, Vaughan says he's dealt with a lot of pushback from patrons who don’t want to wear a mask but has never been violently attacked like he was Monday night.

"He was coming out of the bathroom and I was like hey man. Put the mask on, you know, you got to go. And he just started running at me," Vaughan said.


Vaughan said the man appeared frustrated that he was repeatedly being asked to put his mask on.

 After the third request, the man came out of the bathroom, ran towards Josh, and smashed a whiskey glass on his head. Vaughan said he began bleeding profusely and had to be taken to the hospital.

Vaughan said he had to undergo a CT scan and now has 10 stitches in his head. He has also been suffering from a constant headache.

"He kind of had an escape route. It seemed premeditated like he had worked it out in his head because he just bolted, you know. I think he was probably going to hit the first person he saw," said Vaughan.


According to General Manager Lindsay Beale, the man was then caught on video speeding away in an unidentified, dark-colored SUV.

"I don't think I could ever be made angry enough to do that to somebody -- to smash a glass at someone's face. I mean, especially over something like that -- a stranger, somebody that you don't know telling you to wear a mask," Vaughan said.

Grand Prize Bar said they’ve filed a police report and tracked down the name on the man’s tab. However, Beale said the name does not appear to be his real name.

Houston police have not confirmed the man's identity. A spokesperson said the major assaults division is now investigating this case. So, far no one has been charged.

As for Vaughan, he plans on taking a few days off but has one simple message for his attacker.

"Wear a mask. Have some respect for the people around you. And if wearing a mask is that big of a deal -- stay home," Vaughan said.