Houston-area residents can do their part to help law enforcement

Our streets become safer every day when dangerous criminals are taken into custody. FOX  26 is your station for community, and we want to remind you of the huge role you play when it comes to fighting crime.

We constantly remind our viewers that if you see something say something. Last week a citizen did just that when he called the Harris County Sheriff’s Office after he spotted accused serial killer Jose Gilberto Rodriguez, who is now sitting in a jail cell.

Andy Kahan of Crime Stoppers of Houston says it's “because of the amount of attention he got and because of getting his picture out there. Getting the car he was driving with, you know a citizen saw that and called it in.”

Crime Stoppers of Houston says no piece of information is ever too small. Authorities believe that Rodriguez was looking for another person to kill when the tip came in. The public is the biggest asset for law enforcement when it comes to solving crimes. Especially in our area, where the recruitment of new officers can’t keep up with the growing population.

“Over 3000 cases in the last four years, 3000 suspects taken off the street because you the public called in tips that lead to arrests,” Kahan says.

The calls coming in speaks volumes. Since Crime Stoppers began here in Houston, over 34,000 felons, murderers, robbers, and rapists have been put behind bars. The world seems to be getting smaller and smaller each year for criminals since social media plays a huge role.

“Now everything is in an instant so between social media getting the word out on so many different avenues right now so many people are tuned in. They can get that at the snap of a finger,” says Kahan.

Not only would you be able to assist in getting the bad guys off the street, but you may also qualify for a reward. You don’t even have to give out your name.

“That’s the beauty of Crime Stoppers, you know you can call in no one’s going to know who you are. Call it in anonymous and you might be saving someone’s life,” Kahan says.

If you have any information that can help authorities in cases that are open, you can call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.