Houston ISD hosts phone bank as their virtual learning option application process starts

Thousands may be on edge as Houston ISD, the largest school district in Texas, start school Monday. Covid-19 is changing many procedures as students head back to the classroom. On Friday, the district hosted a phone bank to answer concerns. 

"Covid has moved fast so it has put us in a situation where we have had to move fast as well," said Superintendent, Millard House. "We ask the parents to be patient with us and we’ll be patient with them."


The event was held a day after the district announced on Thursday they would be offering a virtual option for their most vulnerable students, those under 12 years of age and who are immunocompromised. 

The student must be medically diagnosed with certain conditions designated by the CDC, which includes, asthma, diabetes, serious heart disease, kidney/liver disease, along with severe obesity, to name a few. 

"We will be verifying, a group of nurses within the district, will be verifying that the information is correct," said Assistant Superintendent, Erwin Garcia.

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Many parents were concerned about the privacy of the documents that were turned in. 

"We will work with individual parents to insure that privacy is of the utmost importance," said House. "Just like we would on the school level, a child’s personal file is, is a child’s personal file and the parent or guardian is the only one who will have access to it outside of school personnel."

Another common question during the phone bank was how teachers will be scheduled. 

"Some parents are concerned about the concurrent model that was embraced last year where the teacher had to do both face-to-face and virtual," said Garcia. "In this case, the teachers are certified number one, and will be teaching only virtual students."


The deadline to complete this online application and to physically turn in medical documentation to your child’s campus will be on Wednesday, August 25. Parents will be notified of student eligibility by Friday, August 27.