High school students to work alongside Super Bowl Host Committee

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Do you have what it takes to plan the Super Bowl?

Some high school kids are getting the rare opportunity to work alongside the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee.

With only seven months left to prepare, Houston Super Bowl officials have orchestrated a millennial merger. They're working with high schools kids -- getting their youthful outlooks while giving them the chance to work with the best in sports.

At the same time, this is the chance of a lifetime for these kids.
This select group of high school students gets to see how they pros do it and what their future could be.

“When they think about careers in sports, it's that they want to be the football player, they want to be the player on the field and sometimes it's because of lack of knowledge…about the lack of opportunities available to them, so we decided this summer we were going to open our doors,” said LaMecia Butler, the Director of Community Relations for the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee.

Part of the program included checking out the station that will broadcast the big game--- none other than Fox 26 itself. The students heard advice from news staff, including the Fox 26 general manager.

“Go out and talk to people that are doing whatever it is you think you may have an interest in doing. Find out how they got to where they are,” D'Artagnan Bebel, the general manager of Fox 26.

These students were chosen from the non-profit “Change Happens,” which has a youth program called positive pathways.

“Programs like “Positive Pathways” really help youth who don’t feel like they have a chance in life. When change happens, we empower the entire family. We empower people so part of this is we want to empower these youth,” Kelva Klay of Change Happens.

“I feel like this has shown me that I can choose my path, and no matter where I go, it can be successful,” said Ethan Shepherd, a high school student participant.

These kids call themselves the Legacy Leaders, and they're on the right track, helping to put on a worldwide event that they will get to say is a part of their legacy.

Houston Super Bowl officials plan to bring on more high school kids in the coming months so if you're interested, keep watching Fox 26 and we'll let you know when that opportunity opens up.