Help for domestic abuse victims who won't leave out of fear for their pets

There's no doubt COVID-19 is causing more domestic violence than ever before.

"Children and animals those are the kinds of victims right now that are most traumatized because they don't have the same level of advocates out there," said Sergeant Charles Jantzen with the Harris County Animal Cruelty Task Force.

Local non-profit Houston PetSet wants to change that.

"It's something that's been on our radar for a really long time but with the COVID crisis we started watching the statistics rise for domestic violence and we thought this would be a good time to pilot this program," said Houston PetSet Co-President Tena Lundquist Faust.

Some people will stay in an abusive situation out of fear for their pets.

"I would have if that ever happened to me I wouldn't have left my pet for anything so I know there are other animal lovers out there like that," said Tama Lundquist Co-President of Houston PetSet.

The non-profit doesn't want anyone to stay in a domestic abuse situation because they don't have a place for their pet to go.

"24/7 we will be able to take that dog be able to assess them for psychological and physical needs we will be able to vet them," Lundquist-Faust said.

Houston PetSet is partnering with WestBury Animal Clinic and Houston Dog Ranch to help pets of domestic violence survivors for free.

"When the survivor leaves the home and the pet comes here we want the survivors and their families to come visit with the pet and participate in the trading because we find that helping their dogs recover is a wonderful way for them to recover themselves," said Matt Bryant owner of Houston Dog Ranch.

If your or someone you know needs help contact Houston PetSet.