Heights area dog owner offers $1500 for his safe return

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“I just want to know in my heart I did everything humanly possible to try to get him back,” said Maverick’s owner Lauren Varnado.

Varnado has barely slept since last Thursday.

That was the last time she saw her little dog Maverick.

“He’s a great dog,” Varnado said while choking back tears.

Varnado says she put Maverick in their gated front yard.

“He was out there for maybe 20 minutes,” Varnado said.

After realizing he was gone Varnado frantically enlisted the help of neighbors.

“I knew he had to be close,” said Varnado.

A camera at West 27th and Ashland just a block away from Varnado’s home captured video  of Maverick jumping into a car.

Varnado later learned that car belongs to a woman who works as a maid in the neighborhood.

“Oh my gosh I was elated,” Varnado said. “I was crying tears of joy I was so thankful.”

But all that changed Varnado said when her husband spoke to the maid on the phone.

“And she said no I didn’t pick up your dog and he’s like you’re on video we have you on video,” said Varnado.

Varnado says then the maid admitted to putting the dog in her car but she says she dropped it off around Shepherd and 26th street.

Varnado says she offered the maid 15 hundred dollars to return Maverick with no questions asked.

“I had the cash ready and she indicated that she was going to come over,” Varnado said.

But hours passed and she didn’t show up.

“Finally I asked her are you coming over and she said no I don’t have your dog and I go but you know who does don’t you and she wouldn’t answer,” Varnado said.

Of course we want to give you the maid’s side of the story.

We called and even went to her home Monday night but relatives told us she wasn’t at home.

Varnado says she doesn’t want to get anyone into any legal hot water she just wants Maverick back.   

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