Heartbroken family seeks answers after their loved one was left to die on Pearland road

"I can forgive the accident but I can't forgive just leaving him lying there and driving off," said Richard King. "I just can't forgive that and never will."

No parent could forgive such a heinous cowardly act.

Richard King's father and three sisters describe the 23-year-old as the life of the party who was always trying to make others laugh.

King was walking on County Road 59 near County Road 48 in Pearland.

It was around 9 o'clock last Saturday night when a driver hit King as he walked home.

After stopping the driver takes off.

Skid marks are still visible where King was killed.

Lauren Hudgens is Richard's twin.

"I don't understand how someone could do this and live with themselves," Hudgens said.  "How are you so heartless to just leave him."

"I wouldn't personally be able to live with myself If I had been in there shoes," said Richard's sister Ashley Strong.

The cold hearted driver took away Richard King's namesake.

"There will be no more Kings that's the end of the King line there are no more that's it," the senior Richard King said.

"If it was your brother if it was your son you would want somebody held accountable for this and we won't stop until we find out who did this," said Richard's sister Shanna Andriacco.